The upside of Christmas is presents and seeing family I never get to see and watching millions of movies with my dad.

The downside is this weird time warp where I’m sleeping in the bed where I used to get drunk alone when I was 21 and using the shower where I used to sit on the floor and cry when I was 14.

I had a beer the other night, just one, and I hid the bottle in the closet like I did when I was 17. I didn’t need to. Other people in the house drink. I could have just put it in the trash. But I wanted to hide it.

I fell into one of the time pockets, the trapdoors around this house.

But I feel okay now. But I don’t want to share this. But I should.

I was up at 5:11 this morning. The world is still here. I’m still going to watch my family unwrap the presents I got them. I’m still going to smoke on the porch with my brother. I’m still going to watch a million more movies with my dad.

I flirted with the apocalypse, but the world is still here.

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