Small World

Small World can be the size of my apartment, or my bedroom, or my bed. It’s a space that exists in the gaps of the world, in between conversations and obligations. It’s made of shadows, daydreams, and online movies.

Small World is what calls to me when anxiety levels get high. Like now, when there are so many assignments to complete and questions that are waiting for answers. At times like this, my instinct is go inward, shrink my world down. Sit on my bed and play online until there is no discernible difference between two in the afternoon and four in the morning.

I’ve skipped a meeting and one class in the last two days. That’s not a good sign. But it’s not the apocalypse either. I’ve made a list, which is quickly becoming my go-to solution for everything. I’m going to get up tomorrow and head out. Small World is tempting, but if I’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s that cravings can be safely ignored.

Sorry, Small World, I’m turning around.

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