A Little Good News

I had an in-take appointment with a new therapist on Friday. This time I went to the local GLBT center to find a therapist, since a big issue with the last one I tried was that I just didn’t feel comfortable discussing genderqueer stuff with her.

There was a funny moment when I was filling out all the paperwork before the appointment. One of the questionnaires was an inventory of depression symptoms – the exact same one I hand out to people where  work. Once again, I have found myself on both sides of the desk. One of the quirks of being a psych major with a mental illness.

There was also a glorious moment during the session. I told my new therapist that I’ve been diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder. I was nervous sharing this, as always, because it tends to get dismissed. It’s not a disorder that the average therapist or psychiatrist seems to be deeply familiar with, I guess.

This time, the therapist took me seriously. But it gets better than that. Towards the end of the session, she told me that she’s read a lot about AvPD because she has it too.

Prior to that, I was thrilled just to have a therapist who had heard of AvPD. I never expected to meet one who has it too.

I feel hopeful now, and accepted, and heard. It’s kind of thrilling.

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1 Response to A Little Good News

  1. Hey, I’ve heard of it too. I haven’t been diagnosed but… yeah…. I also empathize with the difficulty of finding a therapist. My partner is trans, and it’s been hard to find a therapist who understands the issues around this without making it The Issue.


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