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The Worst of Me: A Tribute

I found out about Elliott Smith a little late – the first song I heard by him was Needle in the Hay on the “Royal Tenenbaums” soundtrack. I immediately ran out and bought his self-titled album. He had already played … Continue reading

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Like a Person

The change happened so suddenly. I cleaned my apartment. I read a couple of books. Like incantations, like potions, these things made me better. I’ve been feeling very human lately. I’ve been talking to people, getting some writing done, even … Continue reading

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Steps Forward

You know what’s funny? I was diagnosed with AvPD over two years ago. I started this blog shortly afterwards. And yet I never shared my diagnosis with any of my friends or family. I spilled my anonymous guts all over … Continue reading

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Quick update: I have a job. I work at a bookstore, which I’ve wanted to do since I was a tiny bookworm. In a few small ways, a job has just given me a host of new things to be … Continue reading

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A Little Good News

I had an in-take appointment with a new therapist on Friday. This time I went to the local GLBT center to find a therapist, since a big issue with the last one I tried was that I just didn’t feel … Continue reading

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Over the Wall

At a SMART meeting we talked about hitting a wall. Apparently this often happens about three or four months into recovery. A lot of people experience a honeymoon phase when they first start feeling the benefits of sobriety and everything … Continue reading

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Doing Well

My therapist said I’m currently the strongest she’s ever seen me. I like that she said “strong,” rather than “happy” or “normal,” because that really is the goal. I still feel plenty of anxiety, but for possibly the first time … Continue reading

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