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So Long, Farewell

I started this blog on September 18, 2012. I had just been diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder. I had recently gotten sober and was trying to finish college. I was overflowing with things to say and had no one to … Continue reading

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The Worst of Me: A Tribute

I found out about Elliott Smith a little late – the first song I heard by him was Needle in the Hay on the “Royal Tenenbaums” soundtrack. I immediately ran out and bought his self-titled album. He had already played … Continue reading

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A Tiny, Drifting Family

When I am on retreats, each afternoon I walk and wring my hands, saying to all the mental health patients of the world, “You don’t have to wring your hands today. I am doing it for you.” – Marsha Linehan, … Continue reading

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Femininity and Survival

Today a customer complimented my “nice voice” and “pleasant demeanor.” I’ve gotten comments like this before. I am a little forest bunny at work. I am shy and sweet, and my voice is a good half octave higher than it … Continue reading

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I Suck at Being Queer

Well, sometimes it feels that way. God knows I’ve tried. I’ve hung out in gay clubs, joined a drag troupe (that I quickly dropped out of because my social anxiety was too much at the time), flirted with women online. … Continue reading

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Psych Ward Narratives

Last night I watched a woman from a local theater group perform an essay I wrote about my experiences on a psych ward. It was a pretty intense and great experience, mostly because she did an amazing job. When it … Continue reading

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Advice about Therapy

I know it’s been a long time since I posted. Work and napping after work have kind of taken over my life. One thing I’ve been thinking about is starting therapy for the first time, as a friend of mine … Continue reading

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